who are we?


“every day is a special occasion”

growing up in a legacy haute couture household in europe, our co-founder and lead designer, nevena, is a third generation fashion designer. she has lived and breathed this ethos since the tender age of 8, honing her craft under her grandmother, the master fashion designer.

after her adventures led her to bali, she struggled to find the ideal pieces without which don't compromising between fabric quality and modern feminine aesthetics, while comfortable to wear in the tropical heat.

out of frustration, she bought her own sewing machine and sourced her own premium fabrics to create thoughtfully-created designs she would feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis.

with appreciation and intrigue, many who saw nevena wearing her own designs at local venues and events started to inquire where they could find the same pieces.

...and, like that, kmono was born.

at the core of every kmono piece is a deep-seeded dedication to creating timeless and alluring fashion statements.

each kmono design is personally constructed by Nevena through the following process:
step 1: carefully curating, sourcing, and testing fabrics to ensure the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and longevity.
step 2: visually testing the each design concept and making adjustments to optimize for lounging comfort & the "head turning" effect at chic social events and venues.
step 3: sustainably handcrafting & delivering your order in a carbon-neutral manner.
our mission is to help women feel confident in their feminine expression each time they slip into our unique designs with understated style and high-quality craftsmanship.
and now, we are excited to introduce our premium women's resort wear collection to you.
our island collection aims to break down the barriers between casual and formal attire with a versatile collection suitable for the lifestyle of modern women.
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